Fly away Cupid.  Move over Yenta.  Meet BERTA.

The moment we receive your data, we introduce it to BERTA for BEhavior Review and TArgeting. BERTA is our proprietary technology and the best thing that ever happened to your data. She is the ultimate matchmaker – conceived by our marketing team and developed and refined by our technology team, she has an unparalleled ability to sort, categorize, and identify consumer interests and behaviors. BERTA knows what people are looking for and presents relevant offers directly to them in a way that is accessible, easy to open, and even easier to act on. BERTA is as creative as she is friendly. She has an elegant touch, and is careful not to overwhelm with costly, ineffective offers. Instead, she is specific, powerful, and efficient – boasting industry-high open rates. She makes you money… a lot of it. And like any good matchmaker, the BERTA is looking to engage your data in a long-term, committed relationship. That is why she works to extend the life and profitability of your data by managing it wisely… so people are less likely to complain, opt-out or move on. The money not only comes in, it keeps coming in.

So BERTA sends out these extremely targeted offers. Out they go… buh-bye. Out is easy, right? Yes, out is easy. But it’s the in that matters. The inbox, that is.