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    …you want to reach as many people as possible.  It makes sense.  Reaching 10,000 people is better than reaching 1,000 people.  But who are the 10,000 people that you are reaching?  10,000 lifeguards don’t need swimming lessons.  10,000 vegans are not signing up for the steak of the month club.  And of course, 10,000 nudists are not interested in the latest fashions.  In other words, reaching 10,000 people is not the answer.  It’s about presenting the right offers to the right consumers.  And if they are 10,000 of the right consumers…  so much the better.

    Our email marketing technology uncovers quality leads, so that offers are received by those who are truly interested in them.  Is there really a technology that can uncover what consumers are looking for and present it in a way that they are most likely to respond to?  Yes, there is one… and we think it’s pretty cool, too!

    If you want to risk it all… go to Vegas, baby.

    This is not a numbers game… we are not in the business of playing the odds.  We pride ourselves on our Precision… our Skill… our Expertise.

    It’s not about sending.  It’s not about spending.  It’s about Integration… Managed Email Solutions… Managed SMS Marketing.  It’s about doing more with what you already have.

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    August 25, 2013

    Email us at meetus@riseabovemarketing.com or call us to schedule a meeting at the New York adtech November 6-7, 2013.

    September 23, 2010

    New York Winter adtech 2010
    Email us at meetus@riseabovemarketing.com or call us to schedule a meeting at the New York adtech November 3-4, 2010.